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The elder brothers call

The elder brothers call

Mamo Avinteira (Juan Bautista Villafaña)

Our welcome to all the younger brothers who have had the opportunity and patience to listen to us. I would be very pleased if we could have a closer communication, but because of the language, it is difficult. Anyway, through my interpreter, some messages might come out from this chat, which you ought to spread somehow for the sake of the generations living in this great coffee-growing region, and of the future ones.

I want to make a strong appeal for reflection, not only in behalf of our own country, but also of the Continent. These live times of great need, and its seems there is a wide opening for the philosophical and religious streams of thought we have in our bosoms. And it hurts us the possibility that this thought may go astray from its true path —the path through which you will have to walk along, and on which we shall meet again around something that is to be built.

You have suffered in your own flesh the injuries that have been inflicted to the earth. These injuries are also embodied in men who are gradually losing their identity. To preserve what we have defended for millennia, these reflections should lead us to an individual, inner communication with you. For it is as if we were making a selection of the best seeds to be sown in the future. I know it is a bit difficult, due to the type of community we are facing here. For there are different thoughts, different interests —some identifying themselves with darkness, others with light. I could not really evaluate you at this moment, but anyway, to be able to regard and appreciate ourselves as true brothers, there is something that we cannot deprive ourselves of. You must rediscover your own Mamos, your own roots; and you have to take good care of those roots, so that they reach deep into the wisdom we want to transmit to you.

We wish you would start making your "pagamentos" again; your offerings to each of your daily activities. We wish you would make your deep reflections on all that you investigate, on what you study, on the sages, on the scientists, on those who read, on all those who in one way or another are interested in the survival of humankind. That would lead us to a true life in communion, and not to what we see at present.

Just now I was listening to the message of the thunder; namely, that at this moment our people in the Sierra need us to achieve true communication with you. So let us start shedding our fears of natural phenomena, for they are part of our integrity. I would be happy to share with you many simple teachings. Not those of the profuse and greedy sages who do not want to teach. To us, humbleness is a sign of wisdom. That is what we want you to pass on to the new generations.

I also want to make a call for us to find our true identity. We are still in time to reach that goal. You, and we the Mamos, must be on the alert.

Every moment of the day, from the highest places in the Sierra, our reflections are directed towards humankind's finding of their true balance. This seems a bit difficult, but if we make an effort we can achieve it. We know there are younger brothers with plenty of good feelings and ideas, but the bad thing we see is, perhaps, that you have not been able to properly lay your foundations. You have too many ranks —there are too many careers, professions, etc. And that divides you, separates you. And so, everyone specializes on one field, and that is not done for the sake of his brothers, but for his own. Everyone wants to profit in the field he knows; and that means going out of balance. And not only thought goes out of balance, but also the idea we have about the riches of the earth.

We see how, for millennia, when the great forests covered these valleys, these mountains, we lived in complete harmony. There were countless water sources, birds, and animals. Birds of pray that were messengers; the thunder could be heard in its full meaning, the wind was pure; every one of them was the messenger of them all. But if today I sit anywhere on this mountain ranges to engage in my reflections —as we have been doing for over 25 centuries—, what I interpret now may be wrong; for here we cannot meditate anymore.

Therefore I make an appeal, and this appeal should also reach the President of Colombia: The reforestation campaigns, and the environmental education programs, must consider the native varieties of every region; for there lies our future nourishment, and not in the one-species plantations they are establishing nowadays, because the onset of insect plagues will be tremendously destructive.

So we need that, as we have preserved in the Sierra for thousands years a productive community, you too begin to make special plans to rescue the foodstuff that you have lost. A lot of research must be made in that direction. Moreover, you may observe that there used to be many different languages spoken by the communities of this Continent. Ijka, Wayu, and Kamsa languages may still be spoken. In the same way, you may speak the different languages of the world. But it does not suffice to speak them: you need to know the language of Nature, the language of all that surrounds you. To us, all that circles around us is full of experience, full of life; and if you do not understand that in this way, it is because you use those objects that please you. We consider that these elements should be found again; and still in this region there are places that I deem sacred. Let us rescue these great sources again, those great fruits of the earth that seems to have vanished. That is what I understand.

The first and second lightenings and the thunderclap that I heard tell me I am surrounded by huge mountains, and that westward from were we sit now there is a wide variety of jungles that must be defended. Its seems that the remnants of great water sources are still there. They could be the breath of this country.

We see that the destruction made by settlers and "guaqueros" —or grave plunderers— is spreading in the Sierra. We also see that the snows show their pain, and that pain you may see in the melting of the great icy summits. And it is an omen that tempests, earthquakes and diseases are reaching a crucial stage in this society. As a Mamo, I would not wish you evil, I would rather wish you good; but it is necessary that you find that great identity: you must go back to your roots. We know that many tribes live here together and that they have lost their languages, but of the plants there are still seeds to be rescued, and those seeds must be an example of the new identity of thought that you will sow from now on.

It is not enough, then, that new ministries be created, or that the President draws policies: we by ourselves must design policies suitable to our own needs. We ourselves are an example of all this: we have more than 25 centuries of existence in this Continent, and instead of being at home here, it seems we are facing extinction.

It would be good if you became aware that we share a common mother, and a common father, the wind, which is part of our breathing; that we have a common eye —the sun— which is our reflection and enables us to observe, to see all things.

In the same way as the variety of languages exists, there also exists a variety of climates, plants, fowl, and animals. We cannot afford to be confused by things that are strange to our planet, to our earth; here is the essence of all that She embodies: us, our bodies, are a fundamental part of our great quest for what you might interpret as God.

Religious differences are pointless here, for we do not have such a concept as religion. The God concept is, to us, unity, is the total living together, is the maximum total identity we might have as human beings: if we achieve that maximum of togetherness, we achieve a deep respect for all things we may observe. In that way, nothing would do us harm, for nothing in this life is evil, all is good. It is you yourselves who have turned it evil; humankind itself has turned it evil. There in the Sierra we have the Elementals: the deities representing all the big cities of the world; the high buildings; the flight of the airplane, which imitates the bird. We understand that. We regard the imitation of the auditory duct as the miracle of communication, but we communicate through reflection. We understand all that. No, that is not strange to us. What we see is that men have taken all those things with such haste that now they are capable of destroying our planet. By looking at the buildings, the cars, the highways, and all that I have observed in my journey, I understand that that acceleration to destroy our Mother Earth is overwhelming. I would ask some of you to go and take a close look at the way we live.

When you reach the capacity to identify yourselves with the day, and a deep understanding of the meaning of all this cosmogony that surrounds us all, then will you begin to interpret the true languages of what we all have in common.

Now, for my part, I simply ask you that this be not our last opportunity to talk together, to find again those places round us. Our wish is to go and rediscover those places. I would be willing to return, to point out the way to reconstruct those mounds, those sacred mountains, those lakes, so that they recover their true breath again.

This is an informal chat, it is just an opening; there in the Sierra we have much to offer you in the fields of philosophy, medicine, and on the interpretation of the phenomena that occur around you and around us.

To go on maturing this idea, I ask you the favor of disseminating the contents of this chat, hopefully through the different media. For it would help us there in the Sierra to offer our "pagamentos", to render our offerings to God; so that our words here do not vanish into the air or get blown by the wind; and you can find a vibration, a happiness, a joy, because this idea is going to spread all over the Earth.

(A talk at the Fondo Cultural Cafetero, June 7th, 1995) Interpreter: Mamo Arwa-Viku

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A Conspiracy of Hope; the gifts from the four directions

A Conspiracy of Hope; the gifts from the four directions

by Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, Spring of 2004

Ancient stories tell of a time when the peoples of the world are reunited and their gifts bring a new world into being. Might this healing process already be underway? Four years ago, the Bering Sea Council of Elders was formed to focus on the health of the Bering Sea ecosystem and the viability of the coastal and river cultures dependent on it. The Council is often referred to as the Wisdom Keepers of the North. The Council is composed of some of the most revered elders in seven culturally distinct regions of Alaska. As the coordinator for the Council, I have the privilege of implementing the Council's instructions and making connections with Wisdom keepers from many indigenous traditions in the Western Hemisphere.

During the course of my work, I have been given many messages, stories, and prophecies, and have found that many are related or similar. One of the prophecies involves what I call The Gifts from the Four Directions. There are many iterations of this prophecy as it is interpreted through cultural lenses. The Hopi Wisdom keepers talk about the World of the Fifth Hoop where the four sacred colors will reconnect. The Navajo call this time the Fifth World. This version is one I synthesized from the stories of several cultures, taking care to ensure that the integrity of the messages is maintained.

Many stories talk about how there has been a pendulum effect in which the world shifts back and forth between masculine and feminine imbalance over many millennia. The current cycle, which began thousands of years ago, is a time of masculine imbalance. Spiritual leaders throughout the world knew that this time was coming—a time when all things feminine would be exploited, smashed, and destroyed, including all Mother Earth-based cultures, feminine-based spirituality, and women. The spiritual leaders around the world communicated with one another through the original language created from an intimate connection with Creation. They decided to hide the sacred and secret teachings because they knew that the two-leggeds (people) would abuse and misuse the teachings. There were many ingenious ways the teachings were hidden—in common words of different cultures, in story, in song, in art, and geometric patterns woven in cloth and garments. In many cases, specific parts of the teachings were intentionally forgotten. The spiritual leaders knew that the sacred and secret teachings would only be made whole again when the two-leggeds heal enough to open their hearts and thus reconnect with their brothers and sisters from the different directions and colors around the world. In doing so, they would share their sacred ways with others until the sacred and secret teachings are fully restored.

It is said that there will be a time when the gifts of the four sacred colors, red, white, black, and yellow, will come together from the Four Directions and combine to create something new that has not been seen since the beginning of time. It is said that only when humans are open enough in the heart will there be the deep reconnection that allows a true sharing of the sacred and secret teachings. These teachings from the Four Directions come in the form of the four sacred elements—earth, air, fire, and water.

The sacred yellow color brings the gift of air from the East. The Eastern traditions understand and are masters of the use of air through breath and how breath combines with chants and sounds to create powerful healing and connection to Divine Silence.

The sacred black color brings the gift of water from the South. The African traditions understand and are masters of the use of motion and rhythm that is in complete harmony with the movement and rhythm of the Universe, through dances and complex drumming to help human beings harmonize with Creation.

The sacred red color brings the gift of earth from the West. Indigenous traditions throughout the world understand and are masters in the use of knowledge in communications with, and the nurturing and healing of, Mother Earth.

The sacred white color brings the gift of fire from the North. The people of the sacred white color understand and are masters in the use and application of energy in technology, like the spark plug, rocket engine, and the like.

The combining of these gifts will occur only when the humans have learned the true wisdom that comes from open-heartedness born of love, compassion, silence, and truth. Indeed, real sharing- cannot occur without these four qualities. With these four qualities, and with conscious intent and action to combine the gifts of the four sacred colors, one can only speculate as to what immense beauty will be created.

It is also said that women will be restored to their place as the original healers, and when this occurs they shall lead the way. The role of the men as the spiritual warriors in this new time is to protect the sacred space of women so they can do their work. When these things are done, the pendulum of imbalance will stop for the first time since the beginning of time.

This journey has already begun as Eastern meditation traditions and breath mastery are shared throughout the world, as technology of the West spreads, as African dance and drumming is shared in every corner of the world and melded with other musical traditions, and as people throughout the world seek indigenous wisdom to learn how to live on and with Mother Earth.

World religions are beginning to find common ground as spiritual leaders engage in dialogue. Science-, in such areas as quantum physics, quantum mechanics, biology, and astrophysics, is beginning to converge with spirituality and metaphysics as they seek answers to how the Universe works.

Indig-enous teachings are found on the Internet and in large numbers of published works, and indigenous spiritual leaders and elders are gathering around the world to share their ways with greater and greater frequency. Conventional medicine is slowly beginning to explore the healing ways of other traditions. Women are actively seeking their own healing and creating the new ways of leadership that heal separation in its myriad of forms throughout the world.

Much of the world has yet to see the incredible new possibilities that can come from spiritual intent to share consciously and combine knowledge and wisdom from the four sacred colors, but it is beginning to happen. The Elders say, "nothing is created outside until it is created inside first."

If we stay the course in healing separation within and without, it is only a question of time until the sacred Gifts from the Four Directions––the four sacred colors––come together for the purpose of creating a new world.

Ilarion Larry Merculieff is an Aleut, born and raised in the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea. He serves as the coordinator of the Bering Sea Council of Elders and is currently raising funds for a gathering of elders and youth in Alaska.

You can contact Larry at or 1610 Woo Boulevard, Anchorage, Alaska 99515.

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ONE NATION: The Vision

The Vision

First, let it be known that the "vision" set forth herein is written by humble humans, with no direct knowledge of what the Creator may have in store. It is not a "plan" and is not even a "blueprint." It is simply and humbly the best guess of the direction in which The One Nation is to take to assist each of us individually and as part of The One Nation to take all the appropriate actions and steps in this material realm to bring about the changes required by the Creator, as assisted by the Ancestors and the multitude of "helpers," whose assistance is acknowledged and to whom we give our Great Thanks! This Statement has been reviewed by as many of the Elders involved as possible so as to assure its credibility and veracity as we move forward on this journey, as we participate in this "happening."

It was suggested that this journey be referred to as a "happening," rather than any other name, such as "movement." This, because there are many movements in various walks of life, from lofty goals such as civil rights (race, gender and religion), to even more mundane movements such as a grassroots political party. This is not to detract from the importance of these "movements," but to simply state that what we have undertaken has been long-awaited and has far-reaching consequences that even we cannot anticipate or contemplate, a "happening."

We cannot talk about the vision without reference to its essential roots, The Prophesies. Each Nation involved, through its Elders, has expressed the sense that what we are engaged in is somehow associated with the Promise made by the Creator to all "true humans" in "the beginning" to bring about, at the appropriate point in time, a world in which our spirits will be freed to live in accordance with the Instructions from the Creator, with generosity to others, sharing what we have, courageousness, peace (both inner and external) and harmony,

It is up to each of us to determine whether we want to continue along the path of greed, lies, deception, illusion, isolation, fear, anger, violence and hatred, or whether we will "walk through the door" that has now been opened to us. We have heard it said that many have lost their connection to Mother Earth and have been overtaken by the materialistic societies that surround us. We have heard it said that by losing that connection, we have lost our connection to the spiritual. Therefore, we have heard it said that in order to regain that connection for each of us and for all true humans and the children yet to come, we must re-establish that connection. Everyone has a different way of expressing these thoughts, but most acknowledge that these thoughts are true. We can call the Nameless One, the creator of all, the Creator or Great Spirit or The Great Reality or The Great Mystery (or however else you have been taught to make reference and pay homage). We can subscribe to the traditional teachings of our Ancestors or to the teachings of Jesus or Buddha or Jehovah or any other spiritual body of principles, but there is only one Great Reality of which we are all a part and we can each agree that the time has come.

Our Mother Earth is under attack as never before. The signs are clear to us that the time for unification of all indigenous Nations is here. We acknowledge that all peoples of Mother Earth are indigenous to somewhere, that the fortunate few Nations that have made it through the onslaught of the so-called "civilized world" are the ones that have been selected to join together and to assist all others to regain their indigenous cultures that were taken from them long ago, some at the hands of the Byzantine Empire, some at the hands of the Roman Empire, some at the hands of the Imperial Chinese or Japanese Empires or, as now, at the hands of the colonizing empires. One thing is clear. The culture of each of these indigenous peoples, including their languages and ceremonies, was stolen from them and must be returned. We know this because our Nations were under the same attack by the same forces, with different names and faces, but coming from the same dark source. The attacks indeed continue to this day, although more subtle and devious than outright massacre as practiced in the past.

This is where we are. As all of us know, on September 13, 2007, the United Nations' General Assembly approved the United Nations' Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the "UN Declaration"). Although this UN Declaration, importantly, recognizes the right of our Nations to seek self-determination, it does not, in and of itself, take the next step to advance the cause of Indigenous Sovereign Nations around the world. The One Nation IS that next step, the necessary next step to lead us forward into our future and the future of the succeeding generations.

Humbly, we agreed on March 30, 2008, at a seminal conference call, that the Algonquin Nation would "light the torch" of The One Nation by signing the Declaration on April 20, 2008, the first Full Moon of the Spring. This was done and other Nations have since signed and will continue to do so. The sense of the Elders present at the signing was that a powerful "door" or "portal" had been opened through which all may walk by signing the Declaration.

Otherwise, the next major gathering for the purpose of signing is currently scheduled to take place on July 11, 2008, in Washington, D.C., at the conclusion of The Longest Walk, when many Elders and Nations will be present. It is hoped that the Dalai Lama will also be present for this sacred event (not known whether Tibet might sign). The Australian and New Zealand Sovereign Indigenous Nations will begin to effectuate their own signing across their sacred lands at their sacred "Dreamtime" sites on August 11, 2008. The torch will be passed across The Australian and New Zealand Continent at that time.

This signing may take a couple of months to be accomplished but it will be accomplished. Thereafter, or at the same time, it is anticipated that other Nations from other continents will also sign. It is believed that, as more Nations sign, and as the "word" circulates Elder to Elder, Nation to Nation, eventually all Nations that were supposed to sign, will sign.

As said above, there are many peoples whose culture was stolen and procedures will need to be set in place at the appropriate time to return to these peoples their culture and their "Nationhood," so that these Nations, then newly declared as such, may join the One Nation. At the same time, or thereafter, as deemed best by the Elders at the time, provision will be made for individuals to become citizens of The One Nation. These individuals, who are many, will have no affiliation with an indigenous Nation, but will need to be "sheltered" under the protective wings of The One Nation in some fashion and under certain procedures to be established by the Elders of The One Nation. This is much like the way a citizen of an existing country may change citizenship from one country to another or perhaps maintain a "dual" citizenship.

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of The One Nation is its ability to access International Tribunals, something most (if not all) indigenous Nations are currently unable to do. Most (if not all) of the time, we have been forced to allow the colonizing "host" country to decide disputes we might have with that "host" country (as when we are drawn into the US, Canadian, Australian or other courts to resolve "sovereignty" issues, where we are almost certain to lose) (as has been the case historically). The One Nation will be considered an "equal" among all existing countries of the world, with the equal ability to access a more neutral tribunal to determine disputes over the environment, land, resources, such as water/ air, etc, This, so that we may take our rightful place as stewards of Mother Earth and the environment. There are many Elders who believe, who say that they "know," that The One Nation is Prophesied to replace the other existing countries in the world, whose demise is imminent. To these Elders, whose vision must be respected, if not followed, The One Nation is destined to be THE entity to provide organization and stability to all of our precious Nations when the other countries "melt away" from whatever causes. We say no more on this, but mention this for the sake of a complete, honest and open discussion of the vision in accordance with our traditional principles.


Closing Prayer

As my being walks along the plane of Mother Earth, it sends humble Great Thanks for the grandeur of Your many Blessings.
The Beauty of Your Creation radiates Your intent of Harmony, Upon me and the Spirits walking beside me.
I humbly stand before You by virtue of Your Grace and pray, by virtue of Your Grace, to be guided along Your pathway of Love, Respect, Peace, Unity and Spiritual Harmony Between and among all beings, seen and unseen.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

THE HOPI DECLARATION OF PEACE / The Essence of Hopi Prophecy


It is in the Power of the True Hopi People to unify the minds and spirits of all true peace seeking peoples of the earth...

"Hopi" means "Peaceful People"... and the truest and greatest power is the strength of Peace...because Peace is the Will Of The Great Spirit...

But do not think that just because the True Hopi People have been told by the Great Spirit never to take up arms... that the True Hopi People will not fight... even die for what we know to be the right way of Life.

The True Hopi People Know how to fight without killing or hurting...

The True Hopi People Know how to fight with Truth and Positive Force In The Light Of The Great Spirit...

The True Hopi People Know how to Educate by clear thoughts... good pictures... and by carefully chosen words...

The True Hopi People Know how to show to all the world's Children the True Way of Life by setting an example... by working and communicating in a way that reaches the minds and hearts of all people who are truly seeking the methods of a simple and spiritual Life which is the only Life that will survive...


The True Hopi People Know how to show the Right Way of Life to all the world's people who have ears to listen... who have eyes to see... and who have hearts to understand these things...

The True Hopi People Know how to generate enough Power to link up the forces of the Minds and Spirits of all the True Children of the Earth ... and to Unify them with the Positive Force of the Great Spirit so that they may put an end to affliction and persecution in all afflicted places in this world...


Thomas Banyacya
PO Box 112
Kykotsmovi, AZ 86034


The Essence of Hopi Prophecy

The entire Hopi Prophecy usually
takes many days to tell, and many
life times to fully understand. This is
a short summary of essential points.

The Balance of Life

As caretakers of life we affect the balance of nature to such a degree that our own actions determine whether the great cycles of nature bring prosperity or disaster. Our present world is the unfoldment of pattern we set in motion. Our divergence from the natural balance is traced to a point preceding the existence of our present physical form. Once we were able to appear and disappear at will, but through our own arrogance we took our procreative powers for granted and neglected the plan of the creator. As a consequence we became stuck in our physical form, dominated by a continual struggle between our left and right sides, the left being wise but clumsy, and the right being clever and powerful but unwise, forgetful of our original purpose.

The Cycle of Worlds

This suicidal split was to govern the entire course of our history through world after world. As life resources diminished in accord with the cycles of nature, we would try to better our situation through our own inventions, believing that any mistakes could be corrected through further inventions. In our cleverness, most of us would lose sight of our original purpose, become involved in a world of our own design, and ultimately oppose the order of the universe itself, becoming the mindless enemy of the few who would still hold the key to survival.

In several previous worlds the majority have advanced their technology in this way, even beyond what we know today. The consequent violations against nature and fellow humans caused severe imbalances which were resolved in the form of war, social disintegration and natural catastrophe. As each world reached the brink of annihilation, there remained a small minority who had managed to live in nearly complete accord with the infinite plan, as implied in the name, Hopi. Toward the final stages they would find themselves beset with signs of disintegration within, as well as enticing offers and severe threats from without, aimed toward forcing them to join the rest of the world.

Our Present World

Our common ancestors were among the small group who miraculously emerged from the last world as it reached its destruction, though they too were tainted with corruption. The seeds of the crisis we face today were brought with us when we first set foot in this world. Upon reaching our present world, our ancestors set out on a long migration to meet the Great Spirit in the form of Maasauu, the caretaker of this land and all that lives upon it. They followed a special pattern, however a very serious omen made a separate journey necessary, in order to balance the extreme disorder anticipated for the later days.

The True White Brother

A Hopi of light complexion, now known as the "true white brother," left the group and travelled in the direction of rising sun, taking with him a stone tablet which matches a similar tablet held by one of those who went on to meet Maasauu at a place called Oraibi, where the present Hopi villages were established according to his instructions.

The Hopi anticipated the arrival of a race of lightskinned people from the east, predicting many of their inventions , which would serve as signs indicating certain stages in the unfoldment of the pattern the Hopi had studied from antiquity. It was clearly foreseen that the visitors, in their cleverness, might lose sight of their original purpose, in which case they would be very dangerous. Still the Hopi were to watch for one who has not left the spiritual path, and carries the actual stone tablet.

The Swastika and the Sun

Through countless centuries the Hopi have recalled in their ceremonies the previous worlds, our emergence to the present world, and our purpose in coming here. Periodically they have renewed their vow with Maasauu to live the simple, humble way of life he laid out for them, and to preserve the balance of nature for the sake of all living things. The knowledge of world events has been handed down in secret religious societies who keep watch as each stage unfolds.

The leaders watched especially for a series of three world-shaking events, accompanied by the appearance of certain symbols that describe the primordial forces that govern all life, from the sprouting of a seed to global movements such as weather, earthquakes, migrations and wars.

The gourd rattle is a key symbol. A gourd signifies seed force. The shaking of the gourd rattle in ceremonies means the stirring of life forces. On the rattle are drawn the ancient symbols of swastika, showing the spirals of force sprouting from a seed in four directions, surrounded by a ring of red fire, showing the encircling penetration of the sun's warmth which causes the seed to sprout and grow.

The first two world-shaking events would involve the forces portrayed by the swastika and the sun. Out of the violence and destruction of the first, the strongest elements would emerge with still greater force to produce the second event. When the actual symbols appeared it would be clear that this stage of the prophecy was being fulfilled.

The Gourd Full of Ashes

Eventually a "gourd full of ashes" would be invented, which if dropped from the sky would boil the oceans and burn the land, causing nothing to grow there for many years. This would be the signal for a certain Hopi to bring out his teachings in order to warn the world that the third and final event would happen soon, and that it could bring an end to all life unless people correct themselves and their leaders in time.

Hopi leaders now believe the first two events were the first and second world wars, and the "gourd full of ashes" is the atomic bomb. After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, teachings formerly kept secret were compared and released to the world. The details presented here are part of those teachings.

The Day of Purification

The final stage, called the " great day of purification, " has also been described as a "mystery egg," in which the forces of the swastika and the sun, plus a third force symbolized by the color red, culminate either in total rebirth, or total annihilation - we don't yet know which, but the choice is ours. War and natural catastrophe may be involved. The degree of violence will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and in the balance of nature. In this crisis, rich and poor will be forced to struggle as equals to survive.

That it will be very violent is now almost taken for granted among traditional Hopi, but man may still lessen the violence by correcting his treatment of nature and fellow man. Ancient spiritually-based communities, such as the Hopi, must especially be preserved and not forced to abandon their wise way of life and the natural resources they have vowed to protect.

The Fate of Mankind

The Hopi play a key role in the survival of the human race, through their vital communion with the unseen forces that hold nature in balance, as an example of a practical alternative to the suicidal man-made system, and as a fulcrum of world events. The pattern is simple. "The whole world will shake and turn red and turn against those who are hindering the Hopi."

The man-made system now destroying Hopi is deeply involved in similar violations throughout the world. The devastating reversal predicted in the prophecies is part of the natural order. If those who thrive from that system, its money and its laws, can manage to stop it from destroying Hopi, then many may be able to survive the day of purification and enter a new age of peace. But if no one is left to continue the Hopi Way, then the hope for such an age is in vain.

The forces we must face are formidable, but the only alternative is annihilation. Still the man-made system cannot be corrected by any means that requires one's will to be forced upon another, for that is the source of the problem. If people are to correct themselves and their leaders, the gulf between the two must disappear. To accomplish this one can only rely on the energy of truth itself.

The approach, which is the foundation of the Hopi way of life, is the greatest challenge a mortal can face. Few are likely to accept it. But once peace is established on this basis, and our original way of life is allowed to flourish, we will be able to use our inventive capacity wisely, to encourage rather than threaten life, and benefit everyone rather than giving advantage to a few at the expense of others. Concern for all living things will far surpass personal concerns, bringing greater happiness than could formerly be realized. Then all living things shall enjoy lasting harmony.
Written by Thomas V. Tarbet, Jr., and reviewed by a traditional messenger. All rights concerning this publication are reserved by the author, with the exception that it may be copied or transmitted by any means, provided nothing is added or deleted, and provided it is not sold.
For Further Information
Hopi contacts: Techqua Ikachi Publications
Box 174, Hotevilla, AZ. 86030

Thomas Banyaca, Interpreter
Box 112, Oraibi, AZ. 86039

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Techqua Ikachi # 20: The TIme Will Come to Pass

Hopi maiden with squash blossom hairdress, 1901

Issue Number 20

The time will come to pass when the minds of men will become deluded and the words of the wise will be ignored. When the influence from foreign sources has taken hold the spirit within the Native People of this land will wane, perhaps even be destroyed. We were warned of this by the prophets of old.

The Hopi will be the last target because the traditional ways embody a high level of knowledge and strong ability to resist. In the effort to accomplish his ends the Bahanna will use many tactics. As time passes there are increasing signs within the Hopi Nation that the oppressors are succeeding.

Yes, the Hopi have come a long way, through one obstacle after another. Many of the ancient prophecies have already come to pass. At this time the Hopi live in two worlds, our traditional one and that of the Bahannas. We are now at the point where each of us has to make his own decision as to which world to choose.

Our ancestors were right in predicting that soon dances and music not our own will drown out the traditional teaching and know}edge of the Hopi. Our long tradition and customs of dress appearance, hair styles, our traditional sports for children and adults, many things uniquely Hopi will disappear. Most of our ceremonials will end.

In order to keep our village stable we must keep our thoughts on a spiritual level. This becomes the most important base for our village to stand on. We must not forsake the laws and instructions of the Great Spirit, the Creator, from whom we received our teachings and to whom we vowed to live them.

It has been said that if even only one or two stand firm it will accomplish the good result for all land and life. If we weaken and fall under the mounting oppression of the Bahanna as we did when we allowed our land to be cut up and put in writing and sold, then any possibility of recovery of our Tradition and our land is nil. When all that is ours, all that is Hopi, is taken away and all our powers of reaching the spirits of heaven and earth are gone, we are dead. We may stomp our feet to the beat of the drum and sing ever louder when praying, but, sadly, we will not reach the spirits, the guardian spirits and the producers of food and rain. We will know then our identity, our spirit power and values have gone. Though we may walk the crowded streets of our village, in truth, we will be dead.

Now we enter the time of testing which only the Great Creator can confirm. The alignment of the planets, we were so kindly informed of by the star watchers. The Hopi have expected this to happen and have been waiting. According to ceremonial tradition following the stars one day certain stars will come together in a row as has happened thousands of years ago. It is a time of purifying the land. Changing climate and many catastrophes may occur as we pass through this stage. What may happen no one really knows.

Although the alignment of the planets does have an exact time, according to legend it may be in your lifetime, your children's or their children's. But as the time times near the predicted behavior of the people accurately describes the people of today. Perhaps it is the time to repent and pray that our earth will not be totally lost. It has been said that this event may bring about one of two things: destruction or the prosperity to renew the earth to its original wholesomeness. This much we do know.


Stone Racer, Mishongnovi, 1901

Once again let us explore our past. One of the sports which has died out is the "stone race" as it has been called by outsiders. For those who are unfamiliar we will describe the "stone" briefly. The stone is made out of pitch, or resin, from the pine tree. It is boiled at a high temperature and some animal hair is added to hold it together. Dark sand is then added for color and then it is shaped into a cube roughly the size of a baseball. When the mixture cools it becomes as hard as stone. The stone can be thrown a great distance with a scoop-like motion of the foot.

The stone race begins on the fourth day after the Bean Ceremonial, (Powamu). Every able-bodied man and boy could participate, so that each kiva was represented. The race is repeated four times. Each morning an elder would run from kiva to kiva announcing the race to be held that day, the old animal hooves around his waist clanking as he ran in the early dawn. He would complete four rounds, the first to prepare the body paints, the second to commence painting, the third to dress up, and the fourth round to be on your way to the start of the race. Each Kiva's members dressed differently. The first race is held in a small circle about five miles in circumference. Each day the circle is increased until at least twenty-five miles are run.

The enactment of the stone race meant many things. Its chief meaning is the Commemoration of the Migrations of the Hopi clans by which our land was claimed. The last, the largest circuit symbolizes the claiming of the whole continent for its Native People and wildlife.

At the time when the stone races were being held the Hopis were good runners and the different kivas challenged each other. Sometimes the races were for the purpose their Clan mothers and their father's Clan mothers. At the end, the Kachina racers would come to challenge the men and boys of the village. It is a time of fun for everyone but still it has a mysterious meaning. It was as if we used ordinary, everyday language to address the spirit world.

No doubt many of our readers will wonder why this meaningful ceremonial has died out. Let us say it is because of one aspect of Bahanna's modern technology, the wheel. The wheel which caused our feet and legs, and our bodies too, to be dependent on being carried by wheels. Where we once used to walk and run long distances, we now use wheels to reach places both near and far. We hope you have enjoyed this look into our past with us.

We are aware that many of our readers are anxious to hear about our relations with the Tribal Council. At this moment we are not certain in which direction the newly elected Chairman, Ivan Sidney, will lean. We have heard rumors that he is not in harmony with most of the Council Members, and that in most cases he follows closely the Hopi Tribal Constitution, respecting the Traditional leaders and Traditional values. The latest rumor was that the hard-core Progressives wanted him to step down.

We wonder if he will keep his campaign promises by remaining in touch with us. So far he has defaulted twice by not meeting with us as arranged. We hope that he lives up to his words before we are forced to use pressure.

The water line was forced into the village this past year, but no hookup has been attempted. Perhaps President Reagan's program of cutbacks has something to do with it. However, we fear that the coming warmer days will bring renewed problems.

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  • The shield symbol with its four
    circles in four quadrants means:
    "Together with all nations we
    protect both land and life, and
    hold the world in balance."

    Techqua Ikachi# 19: Looking to the Past

    Oraibi, 1898

    Issue Number 19


    Hello, we are here after our long absence. Want to go on a journey through the Hopi world?

    Remember in our past issues we took you through the period just before and after bahanna came to our land? You were still a child, still free to roam the mesa tops and the valleys with the cornfields which nourish your people. Sadly this freedom ended when you became a captive of the bahanna and were sent far away to school. Your Hopi pattern of life was put aside while you had to follow the rules of bahanna. There you forgot the rules and pattern of life set forth for you by the Great Creator.

    As the times passed in captivity, you grew to young manhood and learned many things the way white people do them. You were taught a "trade" by which your captors said you would tackle the world and earn your living. After five years you were released, free to go home to your people. You now have great plans for your future; you will work for bahanna and make lots of money. With that you can get what bahanna has, all the beautiful things you see in the stores, may even buy a lot and build a house on it like the bahanna.

    On your return to the village your family receives you with joy, admiring how you have grown. Now you can help with the fields and stock. Now you can participate in the ceremonials.

    You notice many things have changed in your absence. People seem older and there are new additions in the family. The most obvious change is that you have arrived in a different village, different surroundings. You are told that they had to move to the new place while you were gone and start out a new life after their old village had become corrupted. They did this in order to keep to their Hopi ways of life and not adopt the bahanna ways.

    You are dumbfounded, confused, as though the world has fallen on your future plans. You stay and help your family, but there are always nagging thoughts. Working the land, herding, the rituals, slowly drift from your mind for they have no value like money. It is the money that buys nice things. Your life seems empty. After a year you make a decision to leave for the white man's world. Your family resents this but permits you to go with some warnings and advice. You are grown now and it feels good to be on your own.

    Before dawn you leave with some food, a jug of water and a few of your belongings. Your father and uncle have also given you a few dollars. Being a good runner, you reach the nearest town by sundown.

    It is a good feeling to get away from the old dead village. By contrast the town is filled with excitement and the promise of the life you have been longing to live, an opportunity to make lots of money. You treat yourself to a big hunk of ice cream and the cookies you missed so much. You learned to like them very much during your captivity and they were not part of village life.

    You now look for work and find it is not so easy in this small town so you decide to go to a larger city. You hop the freight and after two days travel find yourself in the biggest city you have ever seen. Being a beginner, you don't know what to do and are lost. During the day you look for work, willing to accept anything. The first thing you realize is that what you were taught in the bahanna trade school has no value. The money you had is gone so you sleep in parks and alleys. Soon you get so hungry that you start to depend on picking scraps from the slop cans.

    You are too timid to ask anyone for help and no one comes forward to help you. It was not possible for you to know that this was the depression, that everyone was looking only for their own survival.

    One morning you are picked up by the police for sleeping in someone's hallway. Scared and confused, you are asked many questions. You are taken to a place you later find out is the Salvation Army. There you are bathed and given clean clothing and the first hot meal since you hit the big city. There they arrange for you to help on the farm.

    On the farm you meet people like yourself, without jobs, without skills. There you work picking vegetables and fruit. It is hard work, but at least you have something to eat. Those you work with are very nice and live together in shacks nearby. Together you pool what little money you earn to get food. The vegetables and fruit are free to eat. This is where you learn many things you were not taught in school. Among other things, you are introduced to alcohol and "women of profession." You are having such fun that you forget about your goal of making lots of money.

    Before long, this life loses its attraction and you begin to feel self pity for your failure. You want to return to your people but you are too ashamed and embarrassed to face them. One day you just pack up and leave. Once again you hop a freight and in a couple of days you find yourself in the small town you left behind over a year ago.

    The frustration and depression drop from you, it is a good feeling, now you are near your home land. The land you know now is rightfully where you belong. You have learned a valuable lesson with your own experience. Bahanna's world has false values, what you learned in school and elsewhere did not help you to make lots of money or fulfill your dreams.

    Back in the village you are accepted without question despite your unsuccessful adventure. Within a year you are initiated into a higher order. You now realize the elders were right in advising you to learn inner wisdom and the knowledge of nature and man. It is true, it is important to protect what the Great Creator has given to us.

    * * *

    Thank you for coming with us on this journey and seeing through the eyes of a Hopi. Perhaps you will realize the feeling of despair and uselessness in our hearts while our ways are being threatened. Thank you - with our blessings.

    Yukiuma, founder of Hotevilla--prisoner of 5th Cavalry, U.S.
    (Standing to right of uniformed man in center of back row.)


    On September fourth, fifth, and sixth a commemoration was held in the Traditional Community of Hotevilla Village, honoring the late Chief Yukiuma who founded Hotevilla September sixth, 1906. His stand was unique, based on his belief and instruction from the Great Spirit, the Great Creator.

    Against great odds he stood against the power of the U.S. Government and its military might. His strength was the sacred stone tablet received from the Great Spirit. No amount of imprisonment, suffering, bribes, or flattery by the great American Nation could topple him from his beliefs to the end of his life. The spirit of His concept is still alive within Hotevilla Village.

    People from four directions completed the commemoration and made it a success. The main speaker was from old Mexico, who presented the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo between the United States and Mexico. A Study was made of the important passages which affect the Hopi people. The findings were very impressive and will be presented to the Geneva Conference, September fourteenth through the sixteenth of this year by the Hopi. Then we will learn the result, the essence of the treaty.


    NOTE: We promised to report on the meeting between the Village Water Committee and the Traditional Religious Leaders. We feel the meeting is not worth reporting. It turns out that our words and efforts were useless. They refused to listen to our level of talk. Our resistance against the water line project is based upon the belief-bond between man and Creator and upon the religious position on which Hotevilla Village was founded.

    Why the big hassle over a little old water pipe line into the village? Some of our people ask this question as do many of the outsiders. This may sound like a small matter, however, to us it is of great importance. We will explain briefly:

    This project was introduced without the approval of the Traditional leaders. We think it is a shame that these self-proclaimed Village Committee members take it into their own hands to assume control of the village leadership and village affairs. And to commit the whole village and its people to the white man's system without consulting the traditional leaders or the people. By their mindless action they are breaking the commitments made to the Great Spirit, the Creator, by us and by their own ancestors. Commitments to live in simple and humble ways made by people who have suffered and are now suffering terrifying ordeals at the hands of the Government in order that our children and their children to come may walk on the path of the Great Spirit, side by side.

    It was foretold that this portion of Hopi land must be protected and was to be a shelter for mankind. That it must not be harmed by man.

    We wonder, do they read or hear the newscasts each day about widespread natural disasters, conflicts and wars? Have they totally forsaken the spirit of our ancestors and our Creator?

    We feel it is of the greatest importance to carefully calculate our actions and restore harmony and balance or we all will perish. Since no one can tell what the next day will bring, suppose a natural or man made disaster strikes today, what will happen? You know all the water and electric mains will be knocked out first. Many of the dependent multitude of people in big cities will perish. On the other hand, our village will still be standing with no broken water mains, no lost electric service. Our wells and springs will still be usable unless the super-powerful gourd of ashes falls from the sky and the earth and all life will be burned to amber.

    At this time we are very desperate. At any time our children will push us beyond the brink. Then we will be done, our original way of life will close forever. Our worries and tensions mount daily. Our children have come so far and it seems almost impossible to back away. Hopi believe we are to be the last victims of the great white forces. It is said if purification does not come, our Great Creator will take the land back because we do not care for the land and we don't deserve to be on it. The above subject, to our children, is soundless and has no meaning.

    Back to the Water Committee, a little tid bit for you to sleep on. Our joy was short lived. After all the time and expense, we thought the water project was deactivated. We spoke too soon. Within a month it soon became active again.

    At least Sally Big Pond was forced to resign, or was fired, for being careless in her habit of writing nasty letters to Hopi Leaders and to total strangers in Europe who support the Traditionals. She created a situation so unique that it became an international issue which tarnished the Water Committee and most likely the Government whom she follows. Her co-worker, M. Lomahaftewa C.D.S. resigned in shame.

    The Water Committee made replacements which lasted only a few days. Both were fired for deceitfulness. The project continues to roll, perhaps leaderless. In the eyes of the Hopi people, the Water Committee is not fit to lead and serve the village community, as a whole they must fold. Our misgivings must be considered by all people.


    Greetings: Thank you for your patience, we apologize for the delay of our publication and wish to explain the delay to our readers. Those who have been here will understand the situation.

    We are experiencing great strain from the pressures of outside forces, feeling discouraged and weary while we carry out our sacred duties.

    Like many others, we depend on outside help and encouragement which gives us the strength to continue. We find that we cannot communicate without funds and technology and we would like to thank all you good people who have given us your helping hands. In addition to the communications we do many other things which are just as important. We must continue our ceremonials and tend our fields.

    We face difficulties when it comes to writing, handicapped by illiteracy and a lack of knowledge of grammar. Therefore our message does not reach you as fast as we would like it to. We regret that often we cannot respond to everyone who seeks information. We place all the names and addresses of those who write to us on our mailing list, please write yours clearly.

    In spite of all the obstacles we are satisfied that we are able to, in a small way, inform the outside world with our message. We do not in any way compare with other publications. Consider that we are in a remote area and barely manage to hang on. We have heard that "Qua'Toqti," the puppet press, has folded. It will be a great loss to the progressives. They depended much on this press as a tool to put forth their politics and undermine the Traditional leadership.

    We hope that with your help "Techqua Ikachi" will survive and continue to bring the traditional Hopi message to the outside world.

    We thank you.


    The conclusions of the IV Russell Tribunal report in Rotterdam, Netherlands will be available soon. 72 pages of documented presentations of South-Central and North American Natives. Since the postal rate has increased, please enclose money for mailing costs if you are interested.


    Once again the so-called Hopi Tribal Council is oppressing one of our members to come to their terms. This may look innocent while it is directed at only one person, but we believe this trend will create many difficulties and affect our Village Traditional government and our ways in later times.

    This is Hopi Tribal Council ordinance No. 17 which requires members of the Hopi Tribe to obtain a license to do business on Hopi land for a fee of ten dollars. If there is failure to comply with the ordinance within thirty days the Tribal Council lawyers will take legal action. The accused will be subject to both civil and criminal penalties. Which means closing down the business and denying the person his rights on his own property and his own land. What's this, intimidation in order to have their own way and destroy village autonomy forever?

    We recommended to the trader involved not to weaken on the basis that Hotevilla Village was founded under the condition of complete independence. That is to say we moved here to escape bahanna system of government and to preserve our own traditional government. In order to avoid involvement with the bahanna system we have refused to endorse any of our members to represent Hotevilla Village in their establishment, therefore in no way place ourselves under their domain. Furthermore, we are not subject to their ordinances.

    We fear that if we once yield to their terms, other demands will follow. We see this clearly. Since this case needs immediate attention, let those who support the traditional Hopi write letters of support to Chairman, Abbot Sekaquaptewa and Chief Revenue Officer, Joann Masaquaptewa. P. 0. Box 123, Oraibi, Arizona 86039-0123 Phone (602) 734-2441

    The person accused under this ordinance is Silas Hoyungwa, General Delivery, Hotevilla, Arizona 86030. If possible send copies of your letter of support to all three individuals or call the above number.

    A copy of the letter and application is available for your information by writing to Techqua Ikachi. This could help you gain a better understanding of what the puppet council is doing. Write for it if interested.

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  • The shield symbol with its four
    circles in four quadrants means:
    "Together with all nations we
    protect both land and life, and
    hold the world in balance."

    Techqua Ikachi #18: Tribunal in Holland, Our Case

    Issue Number 18

    Hopi Traditional Village presents their case in Holland's Tribunal

    With much regret we delayed this issue, our apologies to our readers. Sometimes one must make a decision between two vital objectives. We decided to bypass our newsletter for a time and respond to an invitation from Holland's Fourth Russell Tribunal in order to present our case before the international jury.

    We prepared two cases, the general problem in Hopi land and a special document in reference to Hotevilla Traditional Village. We did this because of the different philosophic concepts and self-governing bodies of each village. We took this step because we feel and trust that they have similar purposes and goals to reach. We hope this move will not hinder the traditional concepts and efforts to resist the oncoming encroachment into our land.

    At this time we are aware there are many people who are curious and anxious to know the outcome. If we shall succeed or fail. This we cannot predict or be boastful about, for it is like a seed put into the earth, whether it will bring forth a good harvest or whether we will face famine. We must be patient, for now all we can say from our viewpoint is that the gathering created deep strong feelings. We hope that it will bring a good harvest.

    To our understanding the purpose and aim of the Tribunal is that it is a foundation, consisting of non-government organizations of different nations focusing on the rights of the native people of South and North America: To further the observance of human rights, the rights of the Indians to have their own tradition, language, culture, and territory, without interference from outside sources. That the governments of the countries and the tribal governments within, (as well as any opposition) must respect their own constitutions and cease their violations of human rights and the autonomy of all the indigenous people so they will be free to seek their own self-determination. That colonization, exploitation and extermination must stop before all the aboriginal natives, the guardians of land and life, disappear from the face of the earth.

    Upon these bases, the Tribunal's effort is toward mobilizing public opinion and to arouse a consciousness of the Native problems by means of publicity, both on a national and international level. The documents will be made available to or will be sent to the world's governments, institutions of higher learning, and others including those accused. The effort is to awaken and increase the pressure of public opinion, to make the problems known on a larger scale in order that they may be called to the attention of the various political and authoritative organizations.

    The Tribunal was well attended by representatives from different countries. One can feel the atmosphere of sacredness and honor among people with the same problems and the supporters who care and are dedicated to the Almighty, the Great Creator.

    For several days after our case was presented before the international jury key questions were asked of witnesses and experts for confirmation before the jury. Oppressed minorities of many countries have their cases heard. All cases had these factors in common: oppression, exploitation, extermination, genocide, etc. The accused or representative government institutions were also invited to be present in order to have a chance to present a clear understanding to the jury and the people in defense so that everything can be brought out into the open. Sadly, none appeared to challenge the charges brought by the Native peoples. We will bring out more information in our next issue, the outcome and the resolution.

    We have a hard struggle ahead, the opposition is very strong and has no mercy. For over half a century the official Federal policy has been to assimilate the Indians by every available means. First, to attempt to outlaw the tribal religion and replace it with Christianity as the official religion. Then compulsory boarding schools were established for indoctrination without much success so the Federal policy toward Indians changed to fostering the Indians through economic development, modern conveniences, health care, religious freedom, cultural autonomy, tribal self-government by election through denouncing the village leadership as a governing body.

    In their folly some took the bait claiming this was payment by the Government for making use of our land and resources. It makes sense in some ways, but to set an example Hotevilla Village has, over the years, refused to be lured, maintaining their stand.

    Research by scholars finds and regards Hotevilla Village as a special administrative problem because of their past. There are constant reminders of force and tension built up by persistent pressure by the Government which has caused them to cast themselves into an unyielding mold. They maintain that they have committed no crime, only to live in their own ways. This is true, but equally trues is it that Traditional leadership is based on moral, non-violent, religious beliefs with respect not only for their own people, but for all land and life, rather than based on prestige and the power to dominate. To stray from this code of laws would destroy the Hopi way. Therefore acculturation is not the solution for the problems in Hopi land.

    We don't know what the future holds for us. As a byword, we will wait perhaps four days, four weeks, maybe four months, perhaps even four years. Whatever this seed produces, success or failure, our course must change.

    Men of 1st mesa, the Deputies or Renegades who were ordered
    by the Hopi Indian Agency to cause disturbances in Oraibi.

    In our last two issues we took you on a journey through the Hopi world, before and after bahanna came into Hopi land. During the period when order within Hopi land was disrupted by western ideas as foretold. We led you through this journey in an effort to give you a clear understanding of what consequences the Hopi will face if we forget our ways and allow ourselves to be diverted into other life designs that are not ours. In fact, this is what has happened to the Hopi. Only a handful who have refused to accept the new ideas have suffered prompt consequences at the hands of our own people.

    Now let us continue with your journey as a Hopi. You recall only months ago you walked the mesa top where your people live. It is a great feeling to do as you wish, unafraid, to play and dance with children of your own age.

    You have grown up quickly during all the confusion. You begin to pick up the realities of life as your thoughts return to your elders and the knowledge of prophecies, the pattern of life set for you. You want to run away because of your fear but you also want to see it through like a brave Hopi. You realize your people are helpless too, you are all in the clutches of bahanna.

    Many things have happened during your captivity, you have learned to accept the demands that come your way. One morning after early breakfast you and the other boys and girls are dressed in extra clothing, with blankets and sacks of food you are loaded on wagons. No one has told you where you are going but everyone is excited to be going on an adventure after being cooped up for several months.

    All that day you travel without reaching your destination. It is cold with patches of snow on the ground. You huddle together to keep warm with what little covering you have. You and the other older boys run and walk beside the wagons to keep warm. You have the urge to run away, but you realize you could not escape the guards on horseback. Shortly before dark you are stopped to make camp. Cold, tired, and hungry, the older children are told to gather firewood. You are happy that you can do something to get warm and you feel pity for the younger children who are in tears. Finally you are fed and allowed to warm yourself near the fire. Sleeping is almost impossible in the cold but somehow you make it through the night and are ready to continue the journey the next day.

    Late the second day you hear a shout and look off into the distance where you see smoke, your spirits rise, maybe you are nearly there. It takes another three hours to reach the place just before dark. As you ride through on the wagon you see that these are much bigger houses with many windows and lights. Many people are walking around who look like the first bahanna you saw.

    Now you find yourself in a very strange place with roads of shining metal, upon these roads are strange monsters. Monsters who breathe through the top of their heads and have one glaring eye. monsters that howl like coyotes and hiss and grunt like giant snakes. These things were long and moved on wheels like wagons. You are told to get inside the belly of one of these monsters through a doorway and you do so reluctantly, trying to control your fear.

    Once inside the monster you are surprised to find it is comfortable and warm with seats for you to sit on. The bahanna who is going with you is nice, she gives you and the other children sack lunches and some sweet drinks. After two hard days travel with little sleep soon everyone is in deep slumber.

    The next day you awake to find yourself in a much larger place with taller houses than you have ever seen before and many more bahannas. You are taken to a place which will be your home for the next five or more years. There you are separated from the other children, bathed and given clean clothing, a bed and a schedule for all the things you are to do. From now on your life is a mixture of loneliness and happiness. You are always under watchful eyes. No longer can you dance and sing your own way. No longer can you see Katchina dances in the Kiva, no longer can you go exploring the mesa tops.

    As time passes on you begin to adjust yourself to the new conditions by taking part in the activities. Soon you no longer think much about your country and people, the ceremonial dances or helping your father and grandfather in the corn fields begins to dim in your mind. You no longer speak your own language. During the five years or more in captivity your mind has slipped into bahanna concepts. You dream of the future with better and easier ways of living. Working the fields has no future, the bahanna ways seem much better. You can have electricity and water right in your own home. Why live the old ways, carrying jugs of water and wood to store in the barn on your back for the long distances you remember having to do as a child. Now that you have learned a trade and will be making a lot of money you plan to buy many good and beautiful things you have seen in the big stores. You even think about moving into town and owning your own home. That would certainly make you the envy of your people and your friends.

    Unknown to you, about this time the crisis in your land has become critical causing much unrest and friction. Continually the children are taken away by force to schools by the Navajo and Hopi renegades under instructions from the agency. They act without mercy in dealing with your people causing much disturbance and distress. Because you have by now spent so much time with bahanna you would not understand why your people have made a firm stand to suffer for you and your future. You could not understand that bahanna and your corrupted leaders have planned deliberately to destroy the minds of all the children as Hopi. It has worked and you and the other children are the victims. In our next issue we will show you how the victimized children accept bahanna ideas and concepts and become traitors to their own people. Later one will discover that his people were right. Through his own experiences in exploring the inner cities and towns he realizes the false values of the bahanna and denounces the bahanna system to defend his own people.


    Apparently the puppet Hopi Tribal Council are to be a dominating government over the land. Once again a crunch to belittle and degrade the Traditional leadership structure. This notice may not sound good to both Traditional and progressive circles. The article is misleading.


    "The Hopi Tribal Council has the responsibility to supervise all use of the Hopi partitioned lands. There are no recognized clan, village or individual holdings in Hopi partitioned lands. Permission for grazing, farming, homesteading and other uses must be obtained from the Hopi Tribal Council."

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  • The shield symbol with its four
    circles in four quadrants means:
    "Together with all nations we
    protect both land and life, and
    hold the world in balance."

    Techqua Ikachi # 17: A LOOK INTO OUR PAST

    Issue Number 17


    In our last issue we let you have a short glimpse into the past Hopi world, when our ways of life were still stable in purpose. You will now enter the world of Bahanna (white race). The period when the first Bahanna planted the curse in Hopi land. The result of this curse is where we are now at this stage. Knowing this, the Hopi refuse to acknowledge the Bahanna's proposals or to be tempted to raise arms against any foreign powers. The Hopi stand is clear, all that he wants is to control his own way of life, his land and freedom to practice his own beliefs. Maybe the Hopi do see into the future so as to foretell the Bahanna's acts which will split the Hopi nation into two factions, two paths is the true meaning. When this situation finally came to a head one faction must suffer. Those who chose the original path were punished, imprisoned and finally evicted from their homes. This is their sacrifice in order to keep to their ways. This is a brief introduction to the situation so you may find your way around as a Hopi in the Bahanna world.

    Please, once again pretend you are a Hopi in your early years, the period when your view of life is still somewhat blurred. Your home is in the village atop the mesa with a view to sunrise and sunset, a view to wide desert and high mesas. At night there is the most enchanting view of the heavenly bodies. Here too is where you will view the first Bahanna through Hopi eyes.

    From your uncle's lips you have been hearing a lot about the Bahanna, an elder brother of the Hopi who was to come someday. You often wondered what he looks like and when he will come. You did not know that you will have a chance to witness the historical event until the village crier announced that strange people are coming up to the mesa.

    You are told to stay indoors until confirmation is made by the chiefs whether they are friends or foes. It is best to be cautious. They are believed to be Bahannas. ''Bahannas," you say aloud to yourself, "What will they be like?"

    The announcement did not take long in coming, they seem to be harmless and want to be friends. With the other children you go out to explore what the first Bahannas are like. At first you peek at them from a corner and when they come closer you run quickly to the next corner. By and by you come nearer to get a better look. You hear them speaking a strange tongue. "Look," you say excitedly, awed by such strange creatures, "Look, their clothing is different." "Look, they have hairs on their faces like dogs!" Very weird things happen that really astonish you, as you look with wide eyes, one of the Bahannas takes out his glaring eyes and puts them back again after wiping them with a piece of cloth. Another pulls off the top of his head and replaces it without a show of blood. "They must be witches," you think to yourself.

    The Bahannas have with them a black box with one bulging eye. They connect legs to this so it stands up and then their behavior becomes very strange indeed. They flap their hands like birds wings, with other hands they offer you some kind of objects. They motion the objects are to eat. You are too shy to come close so they toss a few to you. Naturally you grab for them. They toss more and more and soon you all scramble to grab more than the other children resulting in some friction among you. All during this time you notice one of the Bahannas is always behind the black box with his head covered. You do not understand, it is only your fun that matters. You do not know that the first seed of the curse is sown by the Bahannas.

    As time passes on the scouts for the more ambitious Bahannas have exploited the Hopi. From now on the life of the Hopi is one of tension and fear. In spite of this the yearly life cycle continues according to the Creator's plan. Before long the Bahannas make a proposal to set up a school to teach Hopi a better way of living. Hopi leaders oppose these plans on the basis that we are satisfied with the Hopi way of life, but the Bahanna persist and build schools near each village.

    Your young mind has not yet comprehended full knowledge so you think it would be interesting and exciting to go to the white man's school. Perhaps to eat more candies and cookies and other things you may like. Your whole family is totally against this, your uncle would often gather all the clan members and preach to all of you how it will affect your future. He would end up by saying, "If we all turn into Bahanna, the great waves of water will swallow us all."

    Before long the factions began to form, some to stay with the old ways, some to learn the new white man's ways. It begins to affect the children and some of your friends become your enemies. The schools open and the parents who agreed to go along with the Bahannas plan to enter their children of their own free will. Those who oppose do not. Teachers come into the village to take you and the other children, but your parents and the other parents refuse. The teacher tells them to reconsider, he will return.

    Now you and your sister sleep each night in different places, changing each night so that you never sleep in the same place twice. Several time you have a close call but you were able to outrun the Bahannas. They carry guns and shoot after you to scare you into stopping, but you never stop running.

    One morning you come home and your sister is gone. Your mother and grandmothers are crying, the Bahannas have taken her. Sounds of crying come from the other households nearby who also lost their children.

    One day you walk right into them, the Bahannas were waiting in your house! Your father grabs you into his arms and the Bahannas try to drag you away, but your father holds you firmly. There is a struggle and your father lets go only because he was hit on the head by a Bahanna's club. Still struggling, they take you to the school. They take all your clothes and clip all your hair off, then they throw you into a tub of hot water and scrub you raw. Now a new kind of clothing is thrown to you for you to put on.

    To keep you from running off, they take you on horseback two days travel away to another school. There you are given a bed and a blanket and a meal. Not candies or cookies, but something you have never eaten before. The first few days you are very sad and lonesome, you cry yourself to sleep. The other children are in the same shape.

    In this new place there are many strict rules. You are not permitted to utter the words of Hopi or you will be punished with a whip. You are expected to be in bed and to rise at certain hours. There were many more dont's than do's.

    After months go by you are taken to another school still further away from your home. Here you will spend the next four to five years.

    * * *

    In our next issue we will take you on a trip to the white man's country and give you a glimpse as to what is happening to our people while you are gone.


    What can we do to help our Mother Earth regain her health? How can we stop runaway technology from destroying her and all life? Has she not provided us with days to live, work, and enjoy our lives, and nights to rest? Has she not provided us with seasons to seed the land and harvest its fruits for our nourishment and provided water for our growth? With her love she gives us life, hope, and dreams of happiness, the mating for all to love one another.

    Sadly, since technology flourished, our nights and days become a mixture of happiness, sadness, illness and anger. That which we call bad or good, that which spreads negative thoughts of love and hatred, near and far, blinds us to see what is beyond. With words of peace and human rights nations are stock-piling weapons of war. The greed for natural resources creates friction among nations, retaliations, marriages to richer or stronger nations for better or worse until death do us part. Whom to love or hate? Masses of life in a heap, confused and frustrated waiting with fear for what will leap upon them, peace or upheaval.

    It was said, when man on earth loses sight of the Original Purpose and begins opposing the universal laws of the Great Creator, he will face and experience many problems in many forms. To mention a few: wars, changing climate, man-made or natural catastrophes, and finally moral breakdown. Here we bring out what our behavior is succeeding in accomplishing. Through our research in analyzing the theories of several religious sources of knowledge and prophecies we find these sets of facts related to one another. This is confirmed by scientific study for those who tend to shun spiritual beliefs. In order to create a better understanding we will briefly compare the concepts of Hopi and Bahanna spiritual knowledge.

    At the time of creation, the Great Creator made the earth to be inhabited with life, but it was empty and covered with water. So He created four assistant Gods to help put the world in order. A God of lightning and thunder, a God of knowledge and wisdom, and the twin brothers, Poqonghoya, God of hardness, and Palongwhoya, God of sound. Together they created life and earth. With their powers they rotated the

    earth, thereupon the water rushed to each pole, the land appeared and at both poles the water was solidified into ice. The twin gods were given the duty of keeping the world in proper rotation by sitting atop the water serpent to keep the poles in a stable form of solidity. They must not release the serpent, only a little now and then, in order to warn man of his recklessness and disobedience, then natural catastrophes will occur. If mankind fails to heed and goes beyond bounds the water serpent will be released and the water will cover the earth and swallow us. That will be the end of this age as well as the beginning of a new age.

    The following are concepts of Bahanna, a few scriptures of the Bible prophecies along with short interpretations:

    Genesis 1:9 "Then God said, let the water under heaven be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear. And it was so." Interpretation: By the command of the Great Creator, earth was formed and water parted from the land.

    Isaiah 45:18 "For thus saith the Lord that created the heaven. God himself that formed the earth and made it to be inhabited, I am the Lord, and there is none else."

    Interpretation: The Great Creator has created heaven, earth and life. He inhabited the earth with life and for this purpose He gave instructions of a life plan and laws, which only He can give.

    Matthew 24:7-8 "For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilence and earthquakes in divers places."

    Interpretation: I will box your ears for acting childish, fighting for what is not yours. I will try and refine you with much suffering and sorrows.

    Job 38:8-9-10 "Or who shut up the sea with bars and doors when it breaks forth as if it had issued out of the womb. When I made the clouds and the garment thereof and thick darkness as swaddling band for it. And established My decrees upon it and set the bar and door."

    Interpretation: The Great Creator said, "I have planned for this day when man forgets his purpose and goes against My laws. I have reserved the water in the form of ice and snow for My own use as a weapon for punishment on the day when mankind gets out of control. The Judgement Day."

    Daniel 9:26 "The end thereof shall be with flood."

    Interpretation: "You do not deserve to live on this land which I made for you, I will regenerate the earth."

    What shall be the signs of the coming end of this age? This question is on the lips of many. Sadly the unfoldment of the signs are not pleasant. We turn now to the studies of scientists, geologists, and other groups. Their reports say that the earth is warming up, causing high water in the South and low in the North. There is a report of sinking lands and disappearing islands at the southern tip of South America and elsewhere. They think that changing climate could be the cause of droughts in some parts and floods in others. Cold and hot spells are occurring in new patterns so that vegetation is also affected. Corn is now being raised much further north in Canada. The time may come when citrus fruit can be grown there.

    New insects, animals and birds are appearing in different places as old habitats disappear, supposedly they are in search of their own cultural environment. If one or two things were involved there might be some explanation, but when every phase of life, sea, earth, and air are feeling the same changes there must be something happening. Scientists believe the earth is tipping southward, because the melting ice is lessening the weight at the North pole. Their report says the ice is melting alarmingly because the earth's temperature is rising degree by degree as a result of pollution, due to the billions of tons of carbon-dioxide put into the earth's atmosphere from internal combustion engines and the tons of fossil coal burned for power in factories and homes. They call this the greenhouse effect which traps more heat in the earth's atmosphere, averaging from one to three degrees a year. This in turn may melt vast antarctic ice fields, raising the ocean level 170 feet or more and flooding much of the land. That is, if nothing is done to correct or control the heat buildup. Chunks of ice weighing thousands of tons which have accumulated for thousands of years will break off and slide into the sea which would cause the ocean level to rise to new heights. Scientists predict this may happen in about three or four years from now.

    But this is too slow for the technologists. Dropping the powerful A-bomb would speed the melting of the ice. They say we might defeat the communists by this act of war, or vice versa, but there is no power of man which can defeat the threat of flood. When God releases the surplus water, only God can stop it.

    Is there a way of preventing this catastrophic upheaval of the earth? Will we dismiss it as a hoax and continue on living as before? This is up to us, but we should not forget the future of our children and those to come. We may be helpless against the powerful technologists and people in high places, but there must be a way.


    Since the Land Claim Commission awarded five million dollars to the Hopi tribe on the land deal, Hopis have been undecided what to do with the money and are in disagreement whether it is a land sale or whether the funds have been awarded for wrongs done.

    Several fruitless attempts have been made by the Hopi traditional leaders to meet with the Hopi Tribal Council about this question, all of which were declined. Instead Supt. Alph Sekakuku conducted his own five million dollar hearing on March 11, 1980. None of the traditional leaders attended because of his slanderous remark in the tribal newsletter, "That they think it will be useless to attend his meeting because of his racist attitude."

    On the agenda was the question, "Have the Hopi people sold their land as claimed by some people?" He says the winning answer was NO from the crowd of approximately 200 persons. Actually few agreed, so we are informed, because there were so many who remained curious and undecided.

    His theme, "It is like paying (a) fine for something that you have done wrong." "Because," he says, "that is what the U.S. Government had been guilty of." He claims that the Hopi tribe, under the Hopi Tribal Council, has owned the land under Indian title, (who gave them the title?) for half of the 19th and the 20th centuries. We wonder why? The Hopi Tribal Council was not around then and was not really organized until the Commissioner granted official recognition December 1, 1955. The traditional Hopi government has been organized for thousands of years before the Bahanna came, so actually we, the traditionals, have more right to control our own land than the Hopi Tribal Council.

    The following is an interpretation of Docket 196 of the Land Claims Commission by capable lawyers:

    "Accepting the money for the claim will have the same legal effect as selling the rights to the land. This is so because accepting the money will mean that the Hopi will no longer have any right to the land for which the claim was made.

    "According to present U.S. law, payment and acceptance of an award made by the Indian Claims Commission is a complete bar to any other legal action to recover the land for which the claim was made. This is stated in Sec. 70U of the law, 25 USC 70U.

    "The claim made in the Indian Claims Commission was for the taking of Hopi land, among other things. To say it another way, the claim asked for money, that is, for the value of the Hopi land. This can be seen by reading paragraphs No. 8-19 in the claim petition. The five million dollars award settles and puts an end to any claim to the land itself. This award is not simply compensation for past wrongs.

    "In paragraphs 20-22 of the petition the lawyers make what is called an 'alternative' claim. In those paragraphs they take the position that the land still belongs to the Hopi, and that the claim is for depriving the Hopis of the use of the land. But as explained above, the claim also takes the contrary position, saying that the land was taken and making a claim for the value of the land itself.

    "Accepting the award will settle and put an end to all the claims in the petition, including any further claim to the land itself."

    In view of the opinion poll on Docket 196 of the claim petition, we feel it is time to ask our readers to give their opinion on what Sec. 70U really means. If possible consult your lawyer if you are in doubt. Because of limited space only 70U is put before you. You need not sign or address, only initial and include your state or country, unless you want to include your complete address. Because of disturbance and interference with our mail, send registered, certified or by other means by which it will be sure to reach us. This is urgent, accepting the money means losing our land.


    I fully understand and acknowledge the Sec. 70U of the law, U.S.C. 70 printed below. Indicate how it will affect Hopi by marking (X) in the box.

    70U Payment of claim after final determination; adverse determination as bar to further claims.

    (a) When the report of the Commission determining any claimant to be entitled to recover has been filed with Congress, such report shall have the effect of a final judgment of the Court of Claims, and there is authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary to pay the final determination of the Commission. The payment of any claim, after its determination in accordance with this chapter, shall be a full discharge of the U.S. of all claims and demand touching any of the matters involved in the controversy.

    (b) A final determination against a claimant made and reported in accordance with this chapter shall forever bar any further claim or demand against the U.S. arising out of the matter involved in the controversy.

    ____ The award is simply a compensation for past wrong by the U.S. Government. It will not affect any right to the land. Comment:

    ____ The award is not simply a compensation for past wrong. It will also extinguish all claims to the land for Hopi forever. Comment:

    Name or initials _____________________________________________________

    Address ___________________________________________________________

    (Please copy and give to friends, clubs or organizations.)

    Mail to: Techqua Ikachi
    P. 0. Box 174
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