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The Essence of Hopi Prophecy


The entire Hopi Prophecy usually

takes many days to tell, and many

life times to fully understand. This is

a short summary of essential points.


The Balance of Life

As caretakers of life we affect the balance of nature to such a degree that our own actions determine whether the great cycles of nature bring prosperity or disaster. Our present world is the unfoldment of pattern we set in motion. Our divergence from the natural balance is traced to a point preceding the existence of our present physical form. Once we were able to appear and disappear at will, but through our own arrogance we took our procreative powers for granted and neglected the plan of the creator. As a consequence we became stuck in our physical form, dominated by a continual struggle between our left and right sides, the left being wise but clumsy, and the right being clever and powerful but unwise, forgetful of our original purpose.

The Cycle of Worlds

This suicidal split was to govern the entire course of our history through world after world. As life resources diminished in accord with the cycles of nature, we would try to better our situation through our own inventions, believing that any mistakes could be corrected through further inventions. In our cleverness, most of us would lose sight of our original purpose, become involved in a world of our own design, and ultimately oppose the order of the universe itself, becoming the mindless enemy of the few who would still hold the key to survival.

In several previous worlds the majority have advanced their technology in this way, even beyond what we know today. The consequent violations against nature and fellow humans caused severe imbalances which were resolved in the form of war, social disintegration and natural catastrophe. As each world reached the brink of annihilation, there remained a small minority who had managed to live in nearly complete accord with the infinite plan, as implied in the name, Hopi. Toward the final stages they would find themselves beset with signs of disintegration within, as well as enticing offers and severe threats from without, aimed toward forcing them to join the rest of the world.

Our Present World

Our common ancestors were among the small group who miraculously emerged from the last world as it reached its destruction, though they too were tainted with corruption. The seeds of the crisis we face today were brought with us when we first set foot in this world. Upon reaching our present world, our ancestors set out on a long migration to meet the Great Spirit in the form of Maasauu, the caretaker of this land and all that lives upon it. They followed a special pattern, however a very serious omen made a separate journey necessary, in order to balance the extreme disorder anticipated for the later days.

The True White Brother

A Hopi of light complexion, now known as the "true white brother," left the group and travelled in the direction of rising sun, taking with him a stone tablet which matches a similar tablet held by one of those who went on to meet Maasauu at a place called Oraibi, where the present Hopi villages were established according to his instructions.

The Hopi anticipated the arrival of a race of lightskinned people from the east, predicting many of their inventions , which would serve as signs indicating certain stages in the unfoldment of the pattern the Hopi had studied from antiquity. It was clearly foreseen that the visitors, in their cleverness, might lose sight of their original purpose, in which case they would be very dangerous. Still the Hopi were to watch for one who has not left the spiritual path, and carries the actual stone tablet.

The Swastika and the Sun

Through countless centuries the Hopi have recalled in their ceremonies the previous worlds, our emergence to the present world, and our purpose in coming here. Periodically they have renewed their vow with Maasauu to live the simple, humble way of life he laid out for them, and to preserve the balance of nature for the sake of all living things. The knowledge of world events has been handed down in secret religious societies who keep watch as each stage unfolds.

The leaders watched especially for a series of three world-shaking events, accompanied by the appearance of certain symbols that describe the primordial forces that govern all life, from the sprouting of a seed to global movements such as weather, earthquakes, migrations and wars.

The gourd rattle is a key symbol. A gourd signifies seed force. The shaking of the gourd rattle in ceremonies means the stirring of life forces. On the rattle are drawn the ancient symbols of swastika, showing the spirals of force sprouting from a seed in four directions, surrounded by a ring of red fire, showing the encircling penetration of the sun's warmth which causes the seed to sprout and grow.

The first two world-shaking events would involve the forces portrayed by the swastika and the sun. Out of the violence and destruction of the first, the strongest elements would emerge with still greater force to produce the second event. When the actual symbols appeared it would be clear that this stage of the prophecy was being fulfilled.

The Gourd Full of Ashes

Eventually a "gourd full of ashes" would be invented, which if dropped from the sky would boil the oceans and burn the land, causing nothing to grow there for many years. This would be the signal for a certain Hopi to bring out his teachings in order to warn the world that the third and final event would happen soon, and that it could bring an end to all life unless people correct themselves and their leaders in time.

Hopi leaders now believe the first two events were the first and second world wars, and the "gourd full of ashes" is the atomic bomb. After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, teachings formerly kept secret were compared and released to the world. The details presented here are part of those teachings.

The Day of Purification

The final stage, called the " great day of purification, " has also been described as a "mystery egg," in which the forces of the swastika and the sun, plus a third force symbolized by the color red, culminate either in total rebirth, or total annihilation - we don't yet know which, but the choice is ours. War and natural catastrophe may be involved. The degree of violence will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and in the balance of nature. In this crisis, rich and poor will be forced to struggle as equals to survive.

That it will be very violent is now almost taken for granted among traditional Hopi, but man may still lessen the violence by correcting his treatment of nature and fellow man. Ancient spiritually-based communities, such as the Hopi, must especially be preserved and not forced to abandon their wise way of life and the natural resources they have vowed to protect.

The Fate of Mankind

The Hopi play a key role in the survival of the human race, through their vital communion with the unseen forces that hold nature in balance, as an example of a practical alternative to the suicidal man-made system, and as a fulcrum of world events. The pattern is simple. "The whole world will shake and turn red and turn against those who are hindering the Hopi."

The man-made system now destroying Hopi is deeply involved in similar violations throughout the world. The devastating reversal predicted in the prophecies is part of the natural order. If those who thrive from that system, its money and its laws, can manage to stop it from destroying Hopi, then many may be able to survive the day of purification and enter a new age of peace. But if no one is left to continue the Hopi Way, then the hope for such an age is in vain.

The forces we must face are formidable, but the only alternative is annihilation. Still the man-made system cannot be corrected by any means that requires one's will to be forced upon another, for that is the source of the problem. If people are to correct themselves and their leaders, the gulf between the two must disappear. To accomplish this one can only rely on the energy of truth itself.

The approach, which is the foundation of the Hopi way of life, is the greatest challenge a mortal can face. Few are likely to accept it. But once peace is established on this basis, and our original way of life is allowed to flourish, we will be able to use our inventive capacity wisely, to encourage rather than threaten life, and benefit everyone rather than giving advantage to a few at the expense of others. Concern for all living things will far surpass personal concerns, bringing greater happiness than could formerly be realized. Then all living things shall enjoy lasting harmony.


Written by Thomas V. Tarbet, Jr., and reviewed by a traditional messenger. All rights concerning this publication are reserved by the author, with the exception that it may be copied or transmitted by any means, provided nothing is added or deleted, and provided it is not sold.


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