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Techqua Ikachi # 16: Our Ancient Fathers

Issue Number 16

When a Hopi is ordained into the higher religious order, the Earth and all living things are placed upon his hands. He becomes a father to all. He is entitled to advise and correct his children in whatever way he can. Together with the other religious leaders they decide the destiny of their children.

With the arrival of Bahanna (white race) the old natural order of our Great Creator began to diminish rapidly. Not only in Hopi land, it extended to all parts of the world. We all are to be blamed, for we are abusing our Mother Earth by our mindless actions and by our irresistible urge to better our way through our own inventive thinking. We have forsaken the warnings of our ancient fathers, gradually leading ourselves to ruin. We all should hang our heads in shame. What we say will pain most people, but we hope it will help them to understand themselves and reverse their ways toward better behavior for the good of lesser man and for the survival of our world for coming generations.

But first allow us to speak of our honorable fathers, the Ancient Ones, who have passed on and whom we have not forgotten. We continue to this day to honor them through our religious duties. It will be up to our readers to decide, whether or not our claim of the ancient words is assured. However, we have faith and trust that these words are true. We have learned and believe that one cannot communicate with Nature unless your existence and behavior are in harmony with the will of the Great Spirit, that he who knows his part will also find his way in the future.

Long, long ago, before Bahanna appeared on this land, our Ancient Fathers were the masters of all spiritual knowledge because they dedicated their lives to the laws of our Great Spirit, and our Great Creator. Every part of their bodies and minds was filled with wisdom and truth. they knew and understood the balance of Earth and Nature and Life. They could see into the hearts of men and into the future of mankind. They knew the function of the earthly body and the heavenly body, of the forces controlling the relationship to Life and Nature. They knew man's actions are powerful, so powerful that it decides the future of man and earth, whether the great cycle of Nature will bring forth prosperity or disaster. So for thousands of years we have lived peaceful lives accordingly, avoiding those things which will destroy our good ways of life.

Yes, our Ancient Fathers were masters of all spiritual knowledge and judgement for they were ordained by the breath of our Great Creator. Commissioned to bring forth the great orders and teachings in the name of the One superior of all. He from whom the prophecies and instructions were handed down to us as a guideline to live by on earth.

So it was predicted by the prophets, that one day we would encounter the presence of people of other races with ways different from our own. That they will erect their own kingdom upon our land, they will pose as goodhearted. Their words will be charming and they will multiply like ants. We must not be deceived by them for the vines of their kingdom will spread throughout the land diluting and dissolving everything that gets in its way. We must be cautious and not covet or adopt any of their ways, for it will forever be a curse upon our nation.

As foretold the vines emerged and expanded West, North and South, causing sudden changes throughout the country. Tragic events developed, causing unrest throughout the land. Among the Native people they came with great ambition and force, they came with the belief of themselves as a super-race. The origin of their belief escaped their minds. Their lust was only for wealth and to claim our land as their own. They used treachery, cunning and false promises, they did cruel deeds. We see their hearts are full of hatred. They have no understanding, they rape and slaughter our women and children to amuse themselves. We see their senseless actions, the fumbling of hands, a curiosity in thinking and knowledge that seems to know nothing. They have a forked tongue, two faces, two hearts both black and white at the same time. As their way of life unfolds we need none of it, our Ancient Fathers were right in their words.

The beginning of the new age of the prophecies of tomorrow have begun to unfold before our eyes. It was said, among Bahanna the people with the Cross will appear on our land. They will be kind and helpful with good hearts. Beware, for they will be the instruments of Bahanna's kingdom who will seduce you into forsaking the laws of our Great Creator. The wicked of our people will join their flock to clear their sins, but this will be in vain.

The new government order will be established on our land, our own people with short hair will take positions in this government disguised as the ear and tongue for our Nation. They will also be the tools influenced by the Bahanna's kingdom. They will, together with the Cross, help fulfill the desire of Bahanna to take over our land by diluting and dissolving our beliefs and traditional culture. The Hopi land will be their last target, the test of survival for the Natives of this land. If we weaken and fall, the extermination will be completed by Bahanna's kingdom.

To this day we are shadowed with deep sadness. Our attempts to communicate with the Bahanna government have failed completely. Our words of honesty and truthfulness did not move the Bahanna, it seems he looks at us as creatures of the past, so-called stupid savages, smelling creatures who don't know how to develop the land. It seems the Bahanna has no understanding, their thoughts are entangled like cobwebs where nothing grows, where only destruction grows.

The Bahanna do possess high knowledge, they construct mighty tools, they drill into our Mother Earth and move mountains. They make mighty weapons and fly into the air like birds creating fear and terror in all around them.

We don't think they believe in their Gods, their priests, their Bible. As a whole they do not have religion. We do not need any of that. We are satisfied with the order of our Great Creator, whose light does not blind us and does not lead us into confusion. Instead His light brightens the road, so that we can absorb its great wisdom and live like humans. While the Bahanna are destroying our world by their inventions they are blinded to such an extent that they do not even know their own origin. We do not make fun or mock the Bahanna, what we say is only a reminder of their past, the terrible damage they have done to the minds of just people on this land and other lands which can never be repaired with all their wealth. We need none of that. Perhaps there is still time, this land to live on under the laws of our Great Spirit and our Great Creator. These are the things we desire. We are very sad for our life of today, it is heading down the direction you have created for us, the tide is gathering and the high tide which sweeps us away may not be far off.

The time will come when from the earth will arise a mystic fog which will dilute the minds and hearts of all people. Their guidelines of wisdom and knowledge will falter, the Great Laws of our Creator will dissolve in the minds of people. Children will be out of control and will no longer obey the leaders, immorality and the competitive war of greed will flourish.

Few will abide by their beliefs and their attempts to transform darkness into light will be in vain. A sudden eruption will explode within the mist of their follies, this will be within or of other lands and will creep over the earth. Then men will destroy each other savagely. The period of this age will close by the gourd of ashes which will glow brighter than the Sun. The earth will turn over four times and mankind will end up in the lowest level of darkness where they will crawl on all fours forever. Then the spirits of our Ancient Fathers will return to reclaim the land, they will mock the lowly man for he will no longer deserve or be worthy of the land. Only those who are obedient to the guidance of the Great Creator's laws will survive. If it is the will of the Creator, if the earth is totally destroyed by the willfulness of man, the true sister and brother will give a rebirth to recycle the earth and renew its life.


After many decades of oppression upon our own land from the U.S. Government and the so-called Hopi Tribal Council, (an establishment we have never endorsed), we, the Hopi religious leaders, and the people from all the traditionally governed villages, rise to challenge, through non-violence, these most cunning oppressive forces. At our gathering within our Kiva over our sacred pipes, we have made a decision to unite and stand together to challenge the movement of the so-called Hopi Tribal Council toward destroying our Traditional leadership and authority. We ask all our people and those elsewhere to support our move. We are assured our stand is based on truth. We bring this before the people to make them aware that we have been deceived. Therefore, the so-called Hopi Tribal Council members are unworthy to be the leaders of the Hopi Nation. They do not participate in Hopi ceremonial functions, the important factors which motivate the powers of the Hopi, thus they lack the wisdom and knowledge necessary to lead the Hopi in spiritual ways. Because of this we demand several things which must be carried out . The most important are:

1. That the so-called Hopi Tribal Council cease their activities and planning operations.

2. That a full investigation be made into their cover up of their activities, dealings and wrongs.

3. That the Tribal Council's lawyer, Mr. Boyden, be discharged from his position.

4. That Mr. Boyden's activities be fully investigated.

At this writing, the so-called Hopi Tribal Council is at a standstill with the support of only three non-traditional governed villages while seven Traditionally governed villages support the Traditional leaders. None of the village Chiefs have certified their representatives, therefore the Tribal Council cannot function according to their Constitution which calls for a full quorum. The Traditional Hopi leaders are now in an advantageous position to have their demands met, that is, if the other institutions cooperate. But, as foretold, they will be cunning and we are aware of it. This is all we can say at this time.


Let us suppose you are Bahanna or even a young Hopi, puzzled about the Hopi Traditional Society their behavior and their attitude toward Bahanna's ideals by their resistance to adopt their system. To make more clear understanding into the Hopi world, we will take you back just a little before Bahanna appeared on Hopi land.

Now, you will be the character, so just imagine and pretend you are one of the Hopis. You are yet at the tender age of about five or six. You live in the Northern part of what is now called Arizona. The village where you live is atop the mesa, with houses built of mud and stones. You have a family, consisting of mother, father and others that makes your house whole and complete.

You love your home because from there you can see the endless desert with its mesas and yonder mountain reaching into the sky. You love to look at the sunrise and sunsets with prayers in your heart for your need and protection. At sunset you give thanks as, like your father before you, you were taught by your elders.

All throughout the yearly cycle, your village is filled with magical activities during evenings--laughter, drums, singing and clacking rattles. If it is a summer evening, you, together with your sister or brother, lay beside your mother and father on the rooftop, enjoying the sounds of activities. Now and then you ask your father about the stars and the moon. He points out to you certain stars, their names and meanings. At the end he sings you into deep sleep. During winter evenings, storytelling is at its best. It is grandpa or grandma whom you favor because they do not scold you. Their tales might be about anything--some funny, some sad, some scary, some of history, history of your peoples' past. You learn not to be like the bad coyote who does stupid things. Rather you want to be like people in the story, good runners, hunters and those who did good deeds.

Your uncle comes some evenings. You are afraid of him because somehow he always learns of your mischief and reminds you to be good. You remember that on two or three occasions he poured cold water on you, for looking into the Ceremonial Kiva when you were not supposed to and for other mischief. So you behave when he is around. You all gather around the fireplace and he talks about prophecies origins of clans and The Great Laws that we have bequested. If he is relaxed and in a good mood he may end up with a short tale. Sometimes you don't like to listen because he always tells the same thing over and over. But you brave it out and sit there like a good little child, with your old blanket wrapped around your head.

You are too young to know that your uncle is planting the seeds of Wisdom and Knowledge inside your body and mind.

The daylight hours can too be very enchanting, all the year round. All the do's and dont's are laid out by your parents. If you do your best to go by the rules, your uncles will be sure to know about it. If you are a girl you help your mother around the house, or you can play with your Kachina dolls with other girls, and play house. If you are a boy you can play with your bows and arrows or explore the edge of the mesa--but be careful not to touch any sacred things or dangerous animals or plants. Often you accompany your father or grandpa to their fields. You did not do much but by their happy faces you can tell they are very happy that you came along. They will point to different plants, insects and animals, their names and functions for you to learn. Little did you know that you are learning and becoming part of nature. Then there are other parts to your world--the colorful dances and sacred ceremonials, the sounds of drums, rattle and turtle shells, which are not yet clear to you. However there are special days you love best--that is when your Kachina Friends come into your village with their gifts of Kachina dolls, bows and arrows, and other toys and food for you to eat. Sometimes the clowns will accompany them who will do many funny things to make people laugh and be happy.

As always you love their songs and dancing, their colorful customs and their colorful antics and you love their movements. Your mind is yet tender to know what their songs and movement means.

When there would be winter month for sacred ceremonials, those observing the religion would spend hours in the Kivas. You would miss your father and grandpa because they sleep and eat there and never come home. You can't wait till they come home and tell stories again.

So one early morning at dawn, your mother awakens you to walk the path of cornmeal toward the rising sun. There you will ask for blessing and pray for the good health and long life. You do as told which makes you feel good. Not forgetting your Kachina friends, you pray for more toys.

These are only a glimpse of your past world, your short experience as Hopi is starting to take root that will stay with you, no matter what changes in the future and your memories will linger on.

The next issue we will enter the world of Bahana, and the disruption of Hopi by Bahana.


We would like to make a few comments in respect to the article which appeared in the puppet press, Qua' Toqti, December 6, 1979. We do not wish to sling mud, only to correct some lopsided statements directed at the Traditional leaders concerning Chief Ned Nayatewa of 1st Mesa Village.

The paper claims that we, the Traditional leaders, instructed Chief Nayatewa not to certify the new representatives from his village. This statement is misleading. Here we will make it clear.

We called him into our meetings, for it is a Hopi customary system for Hopi officials in high office to meet when a problem arises which concerns the whole Hopi Nation. This system has been practiced by the Hopi for many years before Bahanna came.

The question in this case was only a few words which can mean many things, "Where do you stand?" This means on religious beliefs and instructions and other requirements which one must vow to obey and follow when the power of authority is placed in his hands. This does not mean that one leader alone makes a decision. First he must call in his traditional officials who rank behind him in other duties. If their knowledge blends, then the decision can be justified, so when these few questioning words were put before Chief Nayatewa, all he said was, "If you, all the leaders do it and stand behind me, I'll follow you." Two days following he said the same thing. So there was never an instruction from us, only his own knowledge had accomplished what he did.

We would like to keep all of our readers informed of new developments in these proceedings by flyers. Because of a lack of funds for printing, cost of mailing, etc. we ask those who are interested in following our problems as they happen, to write to us with a small donation so that we will have a happy reunion once more. It has been a long time but we still have you in our thoughts for supporting us. This will not affect those who do not want to receive our flyers, but we will appreciate it if you just say, Hello, so that we know you are still there. Otherwise your name will be dropped from our mailing list.

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