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Where We're Going

Where We're Going

Restoring Morals and Values

Living the Code Of Right Relationship

May we remember that the road to the holy ground is familiar. For many generations medicine people and spiritual elders have made the sacred journey to honor the holy ones, to bless the good life, and to continue the path of the beauty way. The holy ones welcomed them as they spoke through the wisdom of the ancestral knowledge. Sacred instructions were given. The prophecies were shared with the five-fingered ones and they were told that one day in the distant future this wisdom must be shared again with the earth surface people when there comes a time that there is imbalance and disharmony with Mother Earth. A generation ago the knowledge of that time came to the indigenous elders. They immediately responded and requested a spiritual gathering in the Center, South, and North Americas for a traditional confirmation that the period was come.

The ancient teachings and calendar recognized that a great darkness would fall upon the peoples with the end of the cycle of worlds called the Thirteen Heavens. More than five hundred years ago (1531) a Council of Elders of the Red Nations of North, South, and Central America was called to ensure the survival of the sacred teachings through the coming age of darkness. At that time the teachings were hidden within the home fire, in secret societies within family lines, to sustain the people through the times to come. On April 31, 1519, Cortez landed in Mexico, and his coming wrought great destruction upon the land and the people that has lasted for close to 500 years. Yet the wisdom has survived within the home fireplaces, awaiting a time when the people would be of one heart, awaiting sturdy vessels to carry the fire out.

Thus for hundreds of years the sacred teaching have been kept hidden. In the late 1960s and early 70s different Elders of different tribes and bands decided that the time had come to share some of these sacred teaching with all those of good heart who were dedicated to manifesting peace.

Within these teaching are particular methods of training used in the ancient priestcraft, entailing steps of development and example for all people: morals, manners and ethics. These sacred teachings call upon one to become the best human being one can possibly be, to fulfill one¹s unmanifest potential for the good of all beings.

Long before Cortez, as long ago as 873 B. C. as the people began to forget some of their wise teachings, there came a teacher known as the Pale One to rekindle the sacred fires and reaffirm the basic principles of creation, that the temples might ever resound with the light of clear mind and the people live in harmony with the Earth and one another. When the people had forgotten their original instructions, neglected their spiritual duties, and become warlike, the Pale One came to rekindle the sacred wisdom fire. Born in a miraculous manner, his body emitted great light. He re-established the building of temples and schools, reformed the priestcraft training, and gave methods for cultivating and maintaining peace within individual, family, clan, nation and planet. He rekindled the holy fire and renewed the original instructions encoded within all beings to act as one with the sacred law and bring all thoughts and actions to harmonious resolution.

The Pale One established the lineage of these teachings 2,877 years ago. Since then there have been 28 generations who have been entrusted to maintain these teachings, to ensure methods of stabilizing the mind in times of confusion. By invitation into particular spiritual societies according to one¹s clan and particular lineages moving within these clans, these precious teachings have been brought forward to this time. Let us remember to remember these most precious sacred instructions for our actions in this time. With our thoughts, our words and our actions, may we build a world of peace and walk in beauty and be one with creation.

The Pale One left many prophecies and wondrous teachings. Let us remember that the practice of sacred relationship is practice of good relations with all in the family of life. Thus the Pale One gave seven reminders to the people that all might recall and honor the unity of the hoop:

1. What walks, swims, flies, or creeps is in relationship; the mountains, streams, and valleys and all things are related to your thought and action.
2. What occurs around you and within you reflects your own mind and shows you the dream you are weaving
3. Three principles of awakened mind guide enlightened action: will to see the Mystery as it is; intention to manifest one¹s purpose for the benefit of all; courage to do what must be done.
4. Generosity of heart and action brings peace and abundance to all in the circle.
5. Respect for elders, clan, land, and nation inspires acts in harmony with the sacred law, good care-taking of the gifts received.
6. Action to benefit the land and the people unto seven generations shapes the consciousness of the Planetary Caretaker, dreaming those yet unborn, ever mindful of life¹s unfolding.
7. To be in good relation, transforming patterns of separation, pacifying conflicting emotions, is to experience the wisdom within, the still lake of Mystery.

Arising from these teachings are the nine precepts in the Code of Right Relationship:

1. Speak only words of truth.
2. Speak only of the good qualities of others
3. Be a confidant and carry not tales
4. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all
5. Waste not the bounty, and want not.
6. Honor the light in all; compare nothing; see all for its suchness
7. Respect all life; cut away ignorance form one's own heart
8. Neither kill nor harbor thoughts of angry nature, which destroy peace like an arrow
9. Do it now; if you see what needs doing, do it.

The opportunity of life is very precious and moves very quickly. May these words inspire you to right action in relieving the suffering of the peoples of the world. May all beings realize freedom from suffering and all conflicting thoughts reach resolution, that the great Fire of Wisdom may burn in our hearts and shine forth in all we do, as enlightened action benefiting all our relations.

Dane Larsen
Ywahoo lineage, Tsalagi

Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth
P.O. Box 227, Old Town, Maine 04468 CSEME Phone: 207.827.6865

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