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ONE NATION: The Vision

The Vision

First, let it be known that the "vision" set forth herein is written by humble humans, with no direct knowledge of what the Creator may have in store. It is not a "plan" and is not even a "blueprint." It is simply and humbly the best guess of the direction in which The One Nation is to take to assist each of us individually and as part of The One Nation to take all the appropriate actions and steps in this material realm to bring about the changes required by the Creator, as assisted by the Ancestors and the multitude of "helpers," whose assistance is acknowledged and to whom we give our Great Thanks! This Statement has been reviewed by as many of the Elders involved as possible so as to assure its credibility and veracity as we move forward on this journey, as we participate in this "happening."

It was suggested that this journey be referred to as a "happening," rather than any other name, such as "movement." This, because there are many movements in various walks of life, from lofty goals such as civil rights (race, gender and religion), to even more mundane movements such as a grassroots political party. This is not to detract from the importance of these "movements," but to simply state that what we have undertaken has been long-awaited and has far-reaching consequences that even we cannot anticipate or contemplate, a "happening."

We cannot talk about the vision without reference to its essential roots, The Prophesies. Each Nation involved, through its Elders, has expressed the sense that what we are engaged in is somehow associated with the Promise made by the Creator to all "true humans" in "the beginning" to bring about, at the appropriate point in time, a world in which our spirits will be freed to live in accordance with the Instructions from the Creator, with generosity to others, sharing what we have, courageousness, peace (both inner and external) and harmony,

It is up to each of us to determine whether we want to continue along the path of greed, lies, deception, illusion, isolation, fear, anger, violence and hatred, or whether we will "walk through the door" that has now been opened to us. We have heard it said that many have lost their connection to Mother Earth and have been overtaken by the materialistic societies that surround us. We have heard it said that by losing that connection, we have lost our connection to the spiritual. Therefore, we have heard it said that in order to regain that connection for each of us and for all true humans and the children yet to come, we must re-establish that connection. Everyone has a different way of expressing these thoughts, but most acknowledge that these thoughts are true. We can call the Nameless One, the creator of all, the Creator or Great Spirit or The Great Reality or The Great Mystery (or however else you have been taught to make reference and pay homage). We can subscribe to the traditional teachings of our Ancestors or to the teachings of Jesus or Buddha or Jehovah or any other spiritual body of principles, but there is only one Great Reality of which we are all a part and we can each agree that the time has come.

Our Mother Earth is under attack as never before. The signs are clear to us that the time for unification of all indigenous Nations is here. We acknowledge that all peoples of Mother Earth are indigenous to somewhere, that the fortunate few Nations that have made it through the onslaught of the so-called "civilized world" are the ones that have been selected to join together and to assist all others to regain their indigenous cultures that were taken from them long ago, some at the hands of the Byzantine Empire, some at the hands of the Roman Empire, some at the hands of the Imperial Chinese or Japanese Empires or, as now, at the hands of the colonizing empires. One thing is clear. The culture of each of these indigenous peoples, including their languages and ceremonies, was stolen from them and must be returned. We know this because our Nations were under the same attack by the same forces, with different names and faces, but coming from the same dark source. The attacks indeed continue to this day, although more subtle and devious than outright massacre as practiced in the past.

This is where we are. As all of us know, on September 13, 2007, the United Nations' General Assembly approved the United Nations' Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the "UN Declaration"). Although this UN Declaration, importantly, recognizes the right of our Nations to seek self-determination, it does not, in and of itself, take the next step to advance the cause of Indigenous Sovereign Nations around the world. The One Nation IS that next step, the necessary next step to lead us forward into our future and the future of the succeeding generations.

Humbly, we agreed on March 30, 2008, at a seminal conference call, that the Algonquin Nation would "light the torch" of The One Nation by signing the Declaration on April 20, 2008, the first Full Moon of the Spring. This was done and other Nations have since signed and will continue to do so. The sense of the Elders present at the signing was that a powerful "door" or "portal" had been opened through which all may walk by signing the Declaration.

Otherwise, the next major gathering for the purpose of signing is currently scheduled to take place on July 11, 2008, in Washington, D.C., at the conclusion of The Longest Walk, when many Elders and Nations will be present. It is hoped that the Dalai Lama will also be present for this sacred event (not known whether Tibet might sign). The Australian and New Zealand Sovereign Indigenous Nations will begin to effectuate their own signing across their sacred lands at their sacred "Dreamtime" sites on August 11, 2008. The torch will be passed across The Australian and New Zealand Continent at that time.

This signing may take a couple of months to be accomplished but it will be accomplished. Thereafter, or at the same time, it is anticipated that other Nations from other continents will also sign. It is believed that, as more Nations sign, and as the "word" circulates Elder to Elder, Nation to Nation, eventually all Nations that were supposed to sign, will sign.

As said above, there are many peoples whose culture was stolen and procedures will need to be set in place at the appropriate time to return to these peoples their culture and their "Nationhood," so that these Nations, then newly declared as such, may join the One Nation. At the same time, or thereafter, as deemed best by the Elders at the time, provision will be made for individuals to become citizens of The One Nation. These individuals, who are many, will have no affiliation with an indigenous Nation, but will need to be "sheltered" under the protective wings of The One Nation in some fashion and under certain procedures to be established by the Elders of The One Nation. This is much like the way a citizen of an existing country may change citizenship from one country to another or perhaps maintain a "dual" citizenship.

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of The One Nation is its ability to access International Tribunals, something most (if not all) indigenous Nations are currently unable to do. Most (if not all) of the time, we have been forced to allow the colonizing "host" country to decide disputes we might have with that "host" country (as when we are drawn into the US, Canadian, Australian or other courts to resolve "sovereignty" issues, where we are almost certain to lose) (as has been the case historically). The One Nation will be considered an "equal" among all existing countries of the world, with the equal ability to access a more neutral tribunal to determine disputes over the environment, land, resources, such as water/ air, etc, This, so that we may take our rightful place as stewards of Mother Earth and the environment. There are many Elders who believe, who say that they "know," that The One Nation is Prophesied to replace the other existing countries in the world, whose demise is imminent. To these Elders, whose vision must be respected, if not followed, The One Nation is destined to be THE entity to provide organization and stability to all of our precious Nations when the other countries "melt away" from whatever causes. We say no more on this, but mention this for the sake of a complete, honest and open discussion of the vision in accordance with our traditional principles.


Closing Prayer

As my being walks along the plane of Mother Earth, it sends humble Great Thanks for the grandeur of Your many Blessings.
The Beauty of Your Creation radiates Your intent of Harmony, Upon me and the Spirits walking beside me.
I humbly stand before You by virtue of Your Grace and pray, by virtue of Your Grace, to be guided along Your pathway of Love, Respect, Peace, Unity and Spiritual Harmony Between and among all beings, seen and unseen.

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